The word ‘nutraceutical’ refers to a range of products whose main purpose is to support the body’s physiological processes. They are mostly substances of natural origin, particularly plants, but also vitamins, minerals and other chemically synthesised substances.


In recent years, there has been a growing interest in algae in various nutraceutical and pharmaceutical formulations that can confer significant health benefits.


In particular, due to its nutrient concentration, spirulina has been recommended by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) as one of the foods to be taken during long-term space missions.

Algae could be the ‘future of food’ then, just think that in Italy, demand for dried microalgae stands at around 200 tonnes for uses ranging from food and nutraceuticals to cosmetics and pharmacopoeia.

Nutrients are more effectively assimilated when properly micronised and they can also be extracted and used for food supplements or added to food.

Depending on the type of results to be obtained, STM Microtec is able to offer various technologies for grinding algae.



Grinding with the MP series impact mill, equipped with special grinding elements, is able to free the cell walls, with its friction and shear action, in an anhydrous circuit controlled by temperature and process humidity.



From the grinding process, the product is conveyed to a dynamic separator, where the final part is easily collected, with an average particle size d.90<30µm, while the coarse particles return to the process, making the cycle without product loss.



The milled and sorted product can be further refined with an MJS series, an air mill with opposing jets and integrated screening, to achieve better quality and fineness of particle size.

With an average particle size d.90<10µm and a d.99<20µm



Possibility of mixing, by means of a multi-dosing station, with volumetric micro-batchers, with loss-in-weight dosage control, for a perfect blend that adapts to heterogeneous products while guaranteeing perfect recipe dosing.

This can be done either before or during the grinding process, with 2 or more elements to be ground entering the line.

Grinding helps to amalgamate the compounds with concentrated nutraceutical extracts while micronising allows for better suspension of the compound at extra fine particle sizes.


In conclusion, based on the specific requirements of particle size output, dosing, microniser lab scales and milling production plants, both in terms of the technology used and the fineness extracted, STM Microtec can offer extremely adaptable solutions for each individual and specific need.  From 1 kg/h to higher productivity industrial plants.