Design / Engineering

STM aims to produce the most competitive dry grinding machinery on the market in terms of technology, constantly seeking to improve reliability and performance.

The quality and construction standards of the machines must be maintained, while increasing their electronic capability and the communication between man and machine; thus reinforcing their robust operation and ease of use.

Design technology and the engineering capability of our experts allow us to create futuristic installations, with a 3D vision of the definitive project facilitating precise construction and optimum production flows.

Once the order has been confirmed, the plant is designed using the latest design technologies, placing machines and structures to create a three-dimensional view of the finished project.

Design and Engineering

Plant Layout

Plant layout and executive P&I

Interface and collaboration with the client’s technical department is taken into account in the layout plan for the supply of equipment and the process flow.

Different suppliers are coordinated and documentation modified to the client’s specifications, in a period of close collaboration involving project development meetings where the client takes an active part in the construction process and is kept constantly informed of developments.

Planning and monitoring of the plant construction – Gantt chart

When undertaking a new project, the STM team follows ISO9000 quality procedures, meeting to draw up a working schedule for planning and the supply of materials, to give an overall view of the project’s organization and the timescales involved.

Production and Assembly of machines

The production of mills and the mechanical construction of the planned installation is outsourced, depending on the quality, quantity and type of equipment to be built.

The support of external mechanical and electronic service providers is used frequently, and new suppliers are regularly evaluated against strict quality criteria.

The assembly of the machinery is carried out internally, by our specialized technical staff.

In-house operational testing

Before delivery, all machines are tested by electrical engineers for software functionality (instruments, control panels, motors etc); they are also subjected to grinding tests to check mechanical performance. Validation and acceptance tests take place in the presence of the client.

The preliminary operational test involves connecting the machine to the filter and grinding a small quantity of product in order to obtain a sample which is then tested for particle size in relation to variable machine parameters.

Our laboratory for the physical analysis of particles is equipped with instruments for the laser analysis of particle size, allowing us to carry out the requisite tests.

Grinding capacity and resulting particle size should correspond with the client’s requirements, and the machine’s performance must be approved by the client.

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