Ordering our products and spare sparts has never been so easy: first, you need to register your company on our website, and then you can order the quantity of product you actually require and delivery on the base of your needs.

To make your machine maintenance easier, once registered in our website, you will enter our Follow-up database and you will receive a help service remind when a piece, subject to wear and tear, needs to be substituted

Daragrind – Glycol

STM developed a new system to eliminate the formation of bicarbonate encrustations inside the grinding mills, thanks to a product, which makes your machine life longer, avoiding loss of times for maintenance: Glycol Daragrind 136

As consumers well know, sodium bicarbonate is a hygroscopic product, therefore, once in contact with moisture it tends to solidify, generating a considerable fouling on all the internal parts of the mills. This may cause an unbalancing of all rotating parts and the clogging of the various ducts for the flow of the material. Strong vibration are generated with consequent inevitable breaking of bearings, related downtime and repair costs. In addition to that, you may have a malfunction of the mill due to blockage of the various ducts.

The Glycol Daragrind 136 avoid these problems by adding a product with antistatic properties, which tends not to adhere to the material inside the mill.

Spare Parts

STM offers a spare parts purchase in order to maintain your machine at the highest efficiency. Spare parts can be complete groups, such as hubs, to enable our Customers to easily substitute the piece, thus avoiding loss of time due to machine stoppage. They can also be small parts, subject to wear and tear, for instance seals or bearings.

Thanks to a very well supplied warehouse, STM can quickly purchase the Customers even pieces, which usually have a very long delivery time if bought directly from producer (electric engines, glycol pump, etc).

Choosing the pieces is extremely easy and immediate, thanks to the exploded drawings, which allow the Customers to focus the piece they need, and to our professional commercial department, at your full disposal to help our Customers in the choice of the right piece.


Restyle / Revamping Your Plant

STM works in response to specific requests from clients as well as the demands of individual processes, analyzing problems and recommending the most suitable grinding system, while taking into account the budget available for each project.

STM offers a series of used machines, all completely overhauled and guaranteed, at advantageous prices that are competitive and excellent value for money.


Over decades of collaboration with users of end products, STM has been able to implement a constant renewal of its production, updating the grinding mechanisms of existing systems and resulting in a good turnover of grinders and classifiers.

Quality is the top priority of STM’s “used and guaranteed” project, and this approach to manufacture is inherent in our products, which continue to be trusted for their reliability and safe operation.

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