Nature displays several applications of this technique, using different types of energy to obtain very subtle powder particles.

STM president usually says “to learn the secrets of grinding, the human being observed nature”.

Our mills follow natural laws such as pressure, rolling, cutting, thermic of cold fluids, high speed air and particles collision and apply to these ideas a very reliable mechanical technology thanks to electronic devices.

STM takes into account materials and technologies to be used in the realization of its equipments through mathematical calculations, to obtain the best grinding efficiency at the right production cost.

Our mission is to understand our Customers’ exigencies, which can be various as the types of products and application branches, fineness and productions the world nowadays asks. For this reason we developed a wide range of mills to satisfy, in an excellent and adaptable way, the several requests made by our Customers.

STM equipments can achieve fineness aims up to micrometers for different materials, applying from time to time the most suitable plant technique for the product to be worked.

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