STM Microtec will be present at Pollutec 2023

From October 10th to 13th, STM Microtec will be in Lyon, France, to participate in Pollutec, the international trade fair for environmental solutions.

During the event, STM Microtec, a leader in environmental technologies with over 500 successful installations in the field of air purification, will showcase its cutting-edge solutions for the reduction of pollutants from industrial and production processes. These patented technologies and fully digitized systems play a crucial role in driving towards a more environmentally sustainable perspective in compliance with the strictest environmental regulations for gas emissions and production effluents.

With years of experience, STM Microtec is capable of assessing and identifying the best emission reduction system based on the type of pollutant, its concentration in the gas stream, and the specific production line requirements. This ensures both productive efficiency and cost-effectiveness while guaranteeing uninterrupted operation for at least 6000 hours without downtime.

In the context of dry milling and injection of sodium bicarbonate to reduce sulfuric and acidic emissions from fossil fuels, STM Microtec will present one of its flagship machines at Pollutec: BICARMILL®. This fully autonomous “plug & play” machine represents the perfect combination of STM Microtec’s mechanical and electronic technology, offering unparalleled reliability, productivity, and energy savings. Housed in a soundproof box with a PLC and remote connection, a sodium bicarbonate dosing system feeds a complete impact mill with a classifier. Through perfect control of airflow, Bicarmill® maintains an ideal particle size distribution (resulting in a PSD d.90<20µm; d.50<6µm d10<1µm) for emission reduction with a perfect stoichiometric injection ratio at both low and high reagent flow rates, effectively neutralizing acids in emissions, even during peak pollutant levels. Additionally, by maintaining a controlled operating temperature below 50°C, with an average of 45°C, the machine prevents reagent degradation, ensuring an ideal chemical reaction in the reduction process.

Depending on the operating conditions of systems for controlling acidic substances in emissions, hydrated lime represents a valid alternative to sodium bicarbonate. Although it does not require milling, hydrated lime can be cohesive and highly hygroscopic. STM Microtec provides dosing and injection solutions specifically designed for hydrated lime, ensuring maximum dosing accuracy and preventing line blockages and clogs. This is achieved through a fan directly connected to the dosing system, replacing the traditional use of venturi ejectors or rotary valves.

For applications dedicated to heavy metal emissions control, such as mercury, dioxins, and furans, at Pollutec, you can explore STM Microtec’s solutions for dosing and injecting activated carbons, both brominated and non-brominated. These ATEX-certified systems integrate dosing skids with pneumatic transport based on venturi ejectors, ensuring a continuous injection into the flue duct. Activated carbon dosing requires continuity and high precision. Given the low specific weight and cohesiveness of the material, this can lead to dosing inaccuracies. STM Microtec installs weighing platforms on its reagent dosing systems to control the quantity and uniformity of injection, with automatic flow adjustment using a “loss in weight” system and the use of a Venturi Ejector, which, thanks to the vacuum generated at the loading mouth, prevents any spillage without disrupting the dosing process.

STM Microtec is proud to be a key player in promoting solutions for a cleaner and more sustainable environment. We continually work to overcome ever-evolving challenges and make a positive impact on our community and the global environment. Come and visit us; our specialists await you at booth H5-A036!

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