Cryogenic grinding of coffee beans

The secret of a good coffee lies not only in its variety but also, and above all, in the processing of the beans. Grinding the coffee correctly allows you to obtain a high quality product, with an intense aroma and a unique flavor.

To achieve this result, cryogenic grinding is the optimal solution since it not only significantly increases the quality of the drink, but also has benefits on the production process.

With the STM cryogenic grinding, the coffee beans are brought to low temperatures in the shortest possible time, reaching a level of embrittlement such that a perfect and homogeneous grinding is obtained, minimizing the dispersion of volatile substances useful to guarantee the desired aroma of the end product.

The main advantages of cryogenic coffee grinding are:

  • obtaining coffee powders having a finer and more uniform particle size
  • maintenance of the organoleptic and aromatic characteristics
  • reduction of oxidation and color variation phenomena
  • extension of product shelf life.

The production process also draws its benefits thanks to an optimization of processing:

  • increase in production: through high cooling it is possible to reduce process times, consequently increasing productivity;
  • improvement of cleaning and maintenance of mills;
  • energy saving: reduction of energy costs required in the cooling phase.

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